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Lash x Lavish

Baddie Invisible Magnetic Lashes

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For the Baddies out there, you know this one's for you! Look like the goddess queen that you are with the Baddie lashes. They will give you THE LOOK with the absolute perfect fullness, length and thickness. Create the baddest fox-eye looks with these glamorous subtle lashes for the day and night looks. Stun ‘em with these Baddies!


Key Features:

Invisible Magnetic Lashes

Seamless Application

Style: Cat-Eye

Material: High-Quality Synthetic Fibre

Reusable upto 50 times



How to use:

Cut the outer corner of the lash strip as much as needed (usually 0.5-1cm) to match your eye shape. 

Line your eyes with the 2in1 Magnetic Eyeliner + Adhesive and wait until the liner has dried to about 50% and stick your lashes on. You're ready to go!

After using:

Close your eye as peeling off the lash strip gently out the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye.

Scratch off the dried magnetic eyeliner of the lash strip and gently cleanse off any remainings with foaming cleanser  for waterproof makeup. Try not to wet them too much and keep them dry.

Warning: Keep out of childrens reach.